& You think your mugshot is UGLY??

In the past , I  have spent endless nights submitting my extraordinary resume to employers within the popular employment boards. I have received many interview invites & even aced the interview YET , I never receive the opportunity to work with these EOE businesses & employers.

Why ? Because I am plagued by my past misdemeanor convictions from over a decade ago.

I was in my late 30’s , had several degrees & work experience YET was offered no descent job . I at one point feared growing old because in the past 10 years there was a serious VOID in my working history & I had paid out very little to even SS.

It became obvious that I am not the only person who suffered from this judgmental effect. The employment boards were flooded with opportunities yet the unemployment rate was @ an all time high.

This could only mean two things. There are a lot of LAZY individuals in America or there are A LOT of individuals with criminal records being denied employment.

Its no secret , many of us know that if we dare to check YES in the ” do you have a previous misdemeanor or felony conviction ” box of an application it is an automatic dismissal for employment consideration.

Employers are quick to include notes that indicate checking YES does not rule out opportunity , but if it didn’t , why would they ask this question in the first place? Its beyond obvious that the applicant with a clear criminal record will fill the position.

These days , without employment , you are even denied the right to food assistant . I was near starving last year , but was denied because I was a able working body.

My denial seems crazy considering my efforts of seeking employment & my many attempts to create my own business only to be rejected when my name was googled.

How are you to get a job if your criminal record of even 10 years ago still follows you? How are you to eat if you are denied food stamp benefits because you have no job? There is a obvious problem & connection here.

I am unsure how businesses can get away with denying felony & misdemeanor offenders a place in employment yet they have no problem offering their services or products to those with convictions. I personally no longer support or shop @ a business where they hold past conviction prejudices.

Its even more bizarre how they are able to refuse employment to those with convictions considering employed individuals are less likely to break the law. Rather you hire a convicted felon or NOT , the convicted felon would be less likely to commit or engage in crime if they had full time employment ; especially those coming fresh out of the prison system. I mean , don’t we want to help society to their feet regardless of a HUMAN BEINGS past?

There would be less drug dealers , less prostitutes & less people living within the government systems & less waste in the tax payers money if everyone was indeed give a equal opportunity for employment.

I really don’t understand how you can pay your DO’s do society yet forever be victimized by them either. So many employers are quick to deny a qualifying candidate due to his/her background YET they offer this position to someone who has never been CAUGHT at a crime instead. I mean , lets be real. We were all cast from the heavens due to imperfections & I assure you that employee with the clean record has a few skeletons in his/her closet ; he / she just hasn’t been caught yet.

Take my past for example. I have 2 DWI’s , which neither of them was I even drinking , I was smoking pot or under the impression of those ” DANGEROUS prescription drugs “. These convictions have literally ruined my life , YET I have known a few officers that drink & drive. My point is ; it does not matter WHO OR WHAT position you are in your career , we are all human & with error. We ALL break the LAW & SIN at some point in our lives.

I like to believe that MANY people with past convictions would rather live their life accordingly rather insisting on breaking the law , but it makes perfect sense why some end up back in the penitentiary. In a country where we live under the biblical phase of ” thou shall not judge ” & ” thou shall be forgiven ” is not acknowledged nor is it applied.

Instead , we live in a world where you literally only have to commit error once to be held in damnation. I thank GOD that my judgement comes from the LORD & not the ppl. The only thing that gives me relief is the knowing that those who judge will to be judged one day.

To those who have flipped their lives around , Congrats to you! No judgement passed , only admiration for surviving your struggles. Many people are not spiritually connected so they will never see that your story will be the lords glory.

I have stopped submitting my resume. I refuse to spend ANY more of my time trying to prove my worth to an employer that will never give me a chance once they receive my criminal record. I feel submitting my resume is only a invitation for someone else to view my shame & very hideous mug shot.

My knowledge is near genius because I have pushed myself to learn everything I would need to know in order to create & develop my own dream. I throw a shout out to all of the employers that rejected me because they were def my motivation kick.

If you find your self in a similar situation , become a leader , a boss , not a follower or an employee. We all have talents , we just need to discover & utilize them. Start with a step 1 plan…

If you are being denied employment , its likely your to good to work under anyone anyway. Take your past mistakes & learn from them. There is a great deal of wisdom found in our challenges & those challenges were required & will be useful in our near future.

Matter of fact , some of the most successful people in life were rejected by society. This rejection only ensured there would be no distractions.

Its been a rough few years , but I can proudly say that those rejections motivated me so much so , that I am now on a independent path.

The struggle was real , but luckily , I had charity organizations such as food banks , local church assistance & even the salvation army to help guide me along my way. I do plan to pay it forward when I get where I am going.

As for me & my past Post Traumatic of that ever dreadful feeling of rejection , I am passed it. God has put forth all of the non judgmental people that I need in my life to ensure my destiny is fulfilled. I know longer have to sit & wonder if I can rightfully work in a country without discrimination.

A friend once told me , you have to make people need you. The key to overcoming a criminal infested background is to become so damn good @ a certain skill that your record doesn’t matter , your intelligence does.

We all have that one skill….

So make sure you flaunt it to everyone & everybody. That all important person will come to your rescue when it is TIME.


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